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Some things about us…

Who we are

Monica Clare Recruitment is named after the founders, Monica Walmsley and Clare Ferguson. We started Monica Clare Recruitment as we saw a gap in the market to design a business that truly gives our customers the recruitment service they want. A service that makes recruitment easy. We now have a team consisting of Three well-known industry veterans, who’ve recruited for most of Australia’s leading brands, and a support team of two.

How we're different

We take the time required to find exactly the right candidate for each role, and the right role for each candidate. This means actually understanding you and your industry - including all the subtle things you find hard to explain, but which really set you apart.

We make it easy

We’re passionate about making the recruitment process easy for you. We understand what you need is a solution. One that not only reduces your replacement rate and the associated costs, but also increases productivity, profitability and staff morale. One that works with your cash flow. One that’s easy.

Recruitment tips

One person has a huge impact on a team environment. Indeed, depending on the size of your business, one important hire can make or break your company. So hiring decisions count. Monica Clare Recruitment is passionate about making the recruitment process easy for you. As part of that commitment, we’ve prepared a list of tips and advice to help you find the top talent in the market.

The dream job

Yes, they really do exist. Your dream job is not just about the role, or even career advancement. What you’re looking for is a healthy work culture, accountable management, ethical behaviour and realistic expectations. Our mission is to place you in your dream job! A job you will dive out of bed for in the mornings – a job where you look forward to Mondays!

We reward you

Our Consultants want you to keep coming back. So we reward you handsomely when you do. If you work with us exclusively, you’ll get 25% off every fourth placement. Also, good Referrals allow us to grow our business and as a thank you we offer a generous referral reward.

We specialise in Permanent, Contract and Temporary Recruitment.

  • Accountancy, Finance & Executive

  • Sales, Marketing & Communications

  • Legal, Business Services & Office Support

  • Engineering & Environment

  • Construction & Mining

Our Vision

Enriching lives by empowering businesses and employees to create inspiring workplaces.
We do this with Passion, Personality and Purpose.
Your work life is our life’s work.


How we’re different

Our Team take the time required to find exactly the right candidate for each role, and the right role for each candidate. This means actually understanding you and your industry, including all the subtle things you find hard to explain, but which really set you apart. It also means we do a lot of leg-work. Background checks, reference checks, psychometric testing, interviews, aligning client and candidate values… So by the time we make the introductions, we already know we’ve found the right match. We are able to do this because we are selective with the roles that we will fill and the organisations we work with. This means we don’t have to spread ourselves thin working across dozens of roles and can dedicate the time needed to get it right.

In other words, it’s all based on understanding, customer service and hard-earned trust, not throwing every available possibility at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Not surprisingly, this approach has resulted in a lot of great relationships. Many of our clients don’t even advertise their roles anymore; they just come straight to us. And many of our candidates aren’t even actively looking for work; they’ve just asked us to keep an ear to the ground for them, because they know we won’t waste their time or make them jump through hoops.

Find your dream job


You’re not just looking for a new job. Or even just the next step in your career. What you’re really looking for is a new employer. Some people may say that’s splitting hairs. Perhaps they’ve never worked for a bad employer (or for a really good one). It’s an  absolutely critical distinction. A role can look great on paper but needs to involve a healthy work culture, accountable management, ethical business practices and realistic expectations to really be your dream job!


So that’s the first thing we look at when an employer asks us to find staff for them. We only do it if we’d personally work for them.


After that, things are a little more straight-forward. All our employers are great, so it’s just a question of finding the one that has exactly what you want. The right values, the right pay, the right conditions and, of course, the right job.


This means we really have to get to know you. And them. The obligatory annual call just isn’t enough. We need to understand all the subtleties that make you an outstanding candidate, and the preferences and values that will allow us to identify the ideal role and employer.


Naturally it also means we won’t put you forward for ill-fitting jobs, just for the commission or just to make up numbers. We only ever put you forward if we think it’s exactly what you’re looking for, and you’re exactly what they’re looking for (95% of our placements stay longer than their probation period).


We don’t make you jump through hoops either. You won’t have to reformat your resume or attend long-shot interviews, and we absolutely never advertise non-existent roles.


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