Are companies hiring right now?

companies hiring right now

Are companies hiring right now?

The number one question we are being asked by candidates is, “are companies hiring right now?” Though we aren’t yet through the viral fog or Corona cloud, the answer is a resounding YES.

Companies are hiring right now, and here’s what you need to know to get your foot in the door.


What companies are hiring?


There is still a strong market for all kinds of professionals. Across healthcare there is an unprecedent (and obvious) demand, however we’ve also seen an increase in jobs in mining, engineering, marketing and communications, and IT. Government roles at all levels (local, state, federal departments) seem to be healthy, and this is true for both the permanent and contract space.

We are (virtually) out in the market every day, spanning the coast from the Hunter to the Central Coast. Companies in the region still hiring include:


Essential vs non-essential services


The job market doesn’t discriminate. We’ve seen both essential services continue to hire, as well as non-essential businesses where staff are able to operate from home (like we are at Monica Clare Recruitment).

While it’s not exactly business-as-usual, many progressive companies were already equipped to cater to remote workers. Other businesses played catch-up very quickly over the last month or so, which is partially why we have seen a spike in IT roles. These new methods of work and access require set-up, maintenance and support.

Some industries, such as the mining and manufacturing industries, are able to operate at full capacity. Government restrictions haven’t yet put an end to a lot of infrastructure and planning projects.


Contract or permanent


Hiring and being hired is entirely possible during COVID-19. In the last week we’ve placed candidates in both permanent and contract positions. One candidate starting a new job without having to even leave the house!

Generally speaking we are seeing a rise in contract employment in:

      • Accounting and finance
      • Front-line health care staff
      • IT help-desk and developers
      • Customer service

We are seeing a steady stream of permanent employment in:

      • Administration and customer service
      • Social media and communications
      • Trades, especially industrial
      • Engineering



These restrictions will come to an end, and we will look back at 2020 with a resounding “wow, that happened.” But just because we’ve taken pause, doesn’t mean you need to put your career on hold. Now could be a good time to have a chat about your future options.

 Monica Clare Recruitment is continuing business as usual. If you have any questions or need help finding your dream job , please reach out to a team member or email