Celebrating success: The MCR way

Celebrating Success

Celebrating success: The MCR way

How do you celebrate success in your business? At MCR we take celebrating success very seriously – but we have a little fun with it.

Hitting milestones, exceeding KPIs, learning new skills, or completing that project that felt like it would never end are all causes for celebration.


Success at MCR


The last quarter at MCR was successful in a few ways.

By numbers alone, it was our best quarter since we’ve been opened.

But what was particularly special about the period is that a lot of our staff members also hit their own personal and professional goals.

Of note:

      • Exceeding a KPI by 135 per cent.
      • Exceeding their increasing targets month-on-month.
      • Filling a client’s brief in a record turnaround time.
      • Expanding their network by 35 per cent.
      • Learning a new software.


Celebrating success at speed


Mel Evans and Nicola McKenzie were our two highest achievers over the last quarter, with this being Mel’s second consecutive time earning highest achiever!

For exemplary work, we thought they deserved an exemplary experience.

We treated Mel and Nicola to the Ultimate Experience with Matt Hall Racing.

This includes loops, barrel rolls, upside-down flying and tumbles, similar to those that race pilots endure. They joined the 4G club, went to negative G, and even had the opportunity to take control and fly around the beautiful coastline of Newcastle.

Well deserved!



How do you celebrate success?

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