The team at Monica Clare Recruitment believe in giving back to the community that has given so much to us. We support small and large charities who do amazing work in our local area. A portion of our fees contribute towards these charities and sponsorships each month. Annually, we select a primary beneficiary charity to partner with, who we believe matches our ethics and deserve a helping hand. This year, we selected Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia. We love our town and those that call it home, which is why we extend our giving across community sponsorships.

Monica Clare Recruitment 2019 Charity

Monthly Donations

In addition to our sponsorship, Monica Clare Recruitment is dedicated to a monthly charity donation, which is selected by existing clients through a poll each month. This allows our clients to ensure their voices are heard and that their charities of choice are being considered. The winning charity from the poll is then selected as our “Charity of the Month” , with our donation taking the form of the charity’s needs at that time.

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