Chat with a consultant: Simon Rutten

Chat with a consultant: Simon Rutten

‘Chat with a consultant’ is a blog series where we hear from the recruitment experts at Monica Clare Recruitment.

At Monica Clare Recruitment, we attract people from all walks of life. Those with years of specialised recruitment experience, as well as the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed trying their hand at a career that doesn’t come with a handbook. It makes for a lively office!

But, more than livening up the workplace, this distinctive blend of colleagues guarantee unique skills, fresh perspectives and, collectively, a breadth of experience with both niche and far-reaching organisations that span the country and the globe!.

In this series we sit down with each of our consultants to learn about the industry they specialise in and their background. They share expert insights as well as tips for hirers and job seekers. Importantly, it’s an opportunity to hear their rare take on the market, in their own words.


Chat with a consultant: Simon Rutten



Recruitment Director, Simon Rutten


You’re a specialist in the Finance and Executive industries. What’s the most exciting part of recruiting in these areas?


The exciting part is being able to tap into a very specialised market and see the results of placing great candidates into great organisations. You help candidates realise their potential and open the door to new career opportunities.

When you recruit at this senior level, you are placing influencers, leaders and exceptional professionals, and to meet with these individuals is so motivating.

These people are future leaders, and you have a hand in placing them with the right business to see them grow and create a huge impact on a company’s financial results and long-term business success.


What are the current market trends? What changes do you expect to see over the next two years?


We are seeing a trend of candidates being much more particular, perhaps cautious about their next move. Many people are increasing their due diligence because of current market sensitivities. Fortunately, the networks I have established over the last 17 years places me well to gain trust and rapport to instil confidence when candidates transition into a new company in the current market.


What’s your top tip for applicants to ensure their resume is seen?


Groom your resume to reflect the role you are seeking.

It’s ok to have more than one version of your resume. Make sure you have a clear career objective—your elevator pitch—in your executive summary.


What’s the most feel-good placement you’ve made? 


A placement at Hunter Water. This candidate migrated to Australia and she had no local experience. She had reached out to all the recruitment firms locally and no one had responded to her emails or phone calls. I placed her at Hunter Water many years ago and she is still there, happy and thriving. Every time I see her, she thanks me and it reminds me of that experience that changed her life.


How can an in-house recruiter and agency recruiter best work together? 


I think it’s about having a collaborative relationship and seeing each other as an ally and partner. Appreciate that each other have a separate set of objectives but respect for each other.

They appreciate we are specialists who can give them access to a talent market that an internal recruiter with numerous roles on, won’t have. We appreciate they will run a thorough professional process to get the best result. It’s important from day one that there is in-depth communication about the role, manager, company and business objectives.




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