Choosing the best job board for your hire

Best Job Board

Choosing the best job board for your hire

Finding the right candidate can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. (A tired expression, but it can be a tiring job!) Selecting the best job board to advertise a vacancy—one suited specifically for an industry or skillset—is a key challenge in the recruitment process.

We’ve consulted our team and collated the best job boards that we use.



It’s no surprise to see this job board on the list. SEEK claims to be the “number one employment marketplace”, attracting 18.4 million website visits in March 2020. We’ve found SEEK to be a good resource for positions we expect to attract a large number of applicants. However, we would steer clear of using the platform for jobs that come with a long list of prerequisites.

According to SEEK, the jobs that receive the most applications on their platform include:

        • Pickers and Packers
        • Retail assistants
        • Receptionists
        • Customer Service staff


They also list a number of jobs that received the lowest number of applications, inlcluding:

        • Nursing
        • Construction Law
        • Environment and Planning Law
        • Insurance and Superannuation Law


2. Indeed


Number two is unique on this list as it’s definitely more of a job search engine instead than a job board. Indeed aggregates job listings from job boards, company websites and classifieds (like Gumtree). It attracts roughly 7.8 million website visits a month, the second highest on our list. We use Indeed in much the same fashion as SEEK, but find this platform has greater global reach.


3. CareerOne


CareerOne joined forces with Monster 10 years ago, enhancing the functionality of their site and better improving user-experience, making it a popular one for job seekers. Similar to SEEK, the job board shares tips and career advice to users,   to those in accounting, construction and engineering.


4. LinkedIn


The platform has about 5.5 million active users in Australia and is a great resource to advertise for senior or white-collar jobs. Since LinkedIn is a standalone social network, you also have the ability to engage passive candidates who may not be actively browsing traditional job boards.


Remember, job boards are a critical factor in finding hard-to-source candidates, but they aren’t exhaustive. Consider thinking outside of the box. We’ve found success using Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (not LinkedIn Jobs) to reach out to our extended networks.

Monica Clare Recruitment is continuing business as usual. If you’d like to discuss strategies on how to best advertise your next vacancy, please reach out to a team member or email [email protected]