Hiring during COVID-19

Hiring during COVID-19

Hiring during COVID-19


If ever there was uncertainty about the future of the workforce, it’s now—at least in the short-term. Social distancing, potential school closures and restrictions on movement have impacted the economy at large, and on a smaller scale the day-to-day of many businesses—in the short-term. However, hiring during COVID-19 means preparing for the future of your business, months and years from now.


Candidates are ready now


Much like COVID-19 not observing weekend celebrations, candidates too are ready, available and undeterred by the circumstances.

Of course, our process has changed in the interests of our clients, candidates and consultants. While our typical recruitment process involves several face-to-face interviews, we’ve digitised this process with a heavy focus on video interviews. Our thorough canvassing of candidates remains true (perhaps we’ll learn even more than we bargained on).

Another certainty: if you pause the process you will lose great candidates. Consider COVID-19 a mitigating factor that could delay the onboarding of a new start, just like an extended notice period or pre-booked holiday. It’s actually an event that could be the basis of a great employer-employee relationship.


New issues, new opportunities


Hiring during COVID-19 may actually present new opportunities to your business. We’ve seen that the current climate has prompted many businesses to improve accessibility for remote-based work. Where previously they may not have had the policy, server to support it, or necessity for remote workers, COVID-19 and the shutdown of ‘normal’ business has made way for this change.

If your needs are immediate, work from home roles may actually cast your candidate net a little further, helping you fill those hard-to-fill roles. There’s also evidence to suggest remote workers are more productive than those based in the office.


Tips for hiring during COVID-19


If you are hoping to attract remote workers or hire for roles to commence in the office beyond COVID-19, it’s critical you can communicate your opportunity and company experience well online.


          1. Present your company’s values and culture


As there won’t be an office walk-through, it’s important you nail this aspect of your company through the video call. Consider running the candidate through work perks—social drinks every Friday or monthly training—so right off the bat they understand what your company invests in.


          1. Ask the right questions


We know it’s often not what’s said, but what goes unsaid that can really determine the success of an interview. Video interviews are great as they allow you to consider tone of voice in their responses as well as facial expressions. Consider also asking the candidates to complete a DISC profile or AcuMax Index to get a complete picture of their personality or skillset.


          1. Involve colleagues in the process


An office walk-through usually allows for a candidate to meet a few people along the hiring process. Replicate this online by including colleagues from different departments who this candidate may work with on a day-to-day basis.


If you’re hiring during COVID-19, don’t feel like you have to pause the process! With some small adjustments to our recruitment process, and flexibility on your part, there are lots of opportunities to grab hold of!

Monica Clare Recruitment is continuing business as usual. If you have any questions on how to find the right hire, please reach out to a team member or email admin@monicaclare.com.au