The Importance of Resilience – from Sport to the Workplace

The Importance of Resilience – from Sport to the Workplace

Late last month Monica Clare Recruitment had the pleasure of being involved in the second Female Athlete Education Evening. This annual event is held for young, local female athletes attending high school within the Newcastle region. With over 100 attendees, the event offered the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship as well as hear from three elite, successful athletes about how the importance of resilience can be found in all facets of life.

We proudly sponsored this event alongside the largely female-based businesses Property Solutions 101, The Marketing GP and Jenkins Legal Services. We brought together Sam Poolman (netballer), Cassidy McLean (basketballer) and Gema Simon (footballer) to speak to young athletes all about the importance of resilience in sport.

Stories of Resilience

Sam, Cassidy and Gema shared their personal stories of resilience and explained how it made them the people they are today. Each had stories of rejection, injury, and disappointment, which provided valuable lessons for those participating.

Gema shared details of her recent experience at the World Cup. After travelling to France with the team, she found herself with little game time, instead spending her time on the bench. Even though she wanted to play on the field, Gema understood her role at that time was to support her team from the sidelines.

When Sam was told she wasn’t picked for a selective team, she was devastated. The next day, she showed up to training to discover that most of her team members had been selected to play. Sam put on a brave face and whole-heartedly congratulated her teammates on their well-earnt selections.

In a similar situation, Cassidy found her teammates awarded scholarship, just missing out herself. Much like Sam, she congratulated her team members on their achievements. Looking back, Cassidy said that she is glad everything played out the way it did, as everything that happened put her where she is today.

What was invaluable for the younger participants in the room and surprisingly to ourselves, was that each athlete had a story of experiencing setbacks in their careers. However, through perseverance, commitment and targeting their goals, their setbacks inspired them to become who they are today.

It’s an important message about how best to approach resilience in our careers.

Resilience isn’t about pretending to be happy all the time or hiding your feelings – all the elite athletes strongly encouraged crying when you feel upset! Resilience is about determination and pushing through difficult situations to do better.

The challenges we face every day in our careers should simply drive us to push harder and reach further than ever before.

If you are seeking a recruitment agency that encourages this tenacity and resilience throughout all career opportunities, contact our team today!