Job hunting during COVID-19

Job hunting during COVID-19

Job hunting during COVID-19


With social distancing now common vernacular, and the list of nation-wide bans growing, COVID-19 has many thinking that life as we know it will come to a grinding halt. There’s no doubt: we’ll have a little more time to spend inside our favourite four walls. But that doesn’t mean business can’t continue as usual. You can succeed in job hunting during COVID-19, if only for a small pivot to the usual application process.


How COVID-19 will affect the hiring process


As you might already know, the typical recruitment process involves numerous face-to-face interviews. With social distancing measures in place, Monica Clare Recruitment have opted to digitise this process, with a heavy focus on video interviews.  Expect at least three video interviews:

        1. Initial phone interview with a Talent Acquisition Specialist
        2. Second interview via video with a Specialist Consultant
        3. Video interview with employer
        4. Second video interview with employer


Employers hoping to hire over the coming weeks and months have been incredibly flexible and are acceptable of remote interviews; they don’t want to lose great candidates! With more self-sanctioned time at home, arguably to prepare, you might find you hit your stride job hunting during COVID-19.

How to prepare yourself for a video interview


There are actually a few big advantages to interviewing in the comfort of your own home: you can maximise your time preparing right until the last minute before your interview; you feel at ease; and there are no additional nerves about locating the office or picking your interviewer from a slew of faces in a new place.


Before the interview


It’s crucial if you accept a video interview that you have the appropriate app discussed by the recruiter. Be it FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Google Duo or Skype. Do a test-run the day before with a family member or the recruiter to ensure there are no hiccups technologically.

Nominate a quiet area to take this call with limited distractions (or potential interruptions); walking around during an interview is unprofessional. Similarly, think about the backdrop. If you sit with a window behind you, for instance, your face will quickly become a silhouette. As an added tip, consider taking the call through your laptop and using a split screen, with your CV viewable your reference. 


During the interview


Treat your interview every bit like a face-to-face interview in terms of presentation and professionalism. Dress to impress (even pants; you wouldn’t want to absent-mildly stand up mid-conversation!) and avoid busy clothing. Remember to look into the webcam as if you were looking at the person face-to-face; don’t let your eyes wander around the room.

We recommend using headphones as ambient noise from a portable device isn’t always clear. Headphone microphones are closer to the mouth and you will be able to hear their responses clearer through the speakers as they will yours. Finally, turn your phone/laptop on “do not disturb” to prevent any incoming calls or messages to disturb your interview flow.


If you’re job hunting during COVID-19, don’t feel like you have to give up! With some small adjustments, and critical improvements to your video interview game, there are lots of opportunities to grab hold of!

Monica Clare Recruitment is continuing business as usual. If you have any questions, or would like more tips on perfecting video interviews, please reach out to a team member or email