Monica Clare Recruitment welcomes Jessica Collinson

Monica Clare Recruitment welcomes Jessica Collinson

Monica Clare Recruitment is excited to welcome Jessica Collinson to the team. Jessica joins the team as Recruitment Consultant, bringing with her over five years’ local recruitment experience and an exceptional network.

Jessica has spent the last three years placing high-volume, high-turnover roles on a dual temporary and permanent desk. She has touchpoints in HR, marketing, blue-collar and white-collar, with a special focus on civil and construction.


Swapping tier-one for boutique, blue for white


Jessica was drawn from her role at a tier-one company to take hold of two opportunities: joining a company with a strong reputation and working alongside ex-colleagues she respected.

“Coming to a company that has such a strong brand like Monica Clare, it was very daunting. Adding to that, I chose to swap specialities from blue-collar to white-collar.”

“I realised that being given a challenge is an opportunity for personal growth. I believed in myself enough, that if you can recruit, you can recruit anything. So, I jumped.”

She was also drawn to work alongside Krystle Parker and Lotte Baker again.

“The relationships and friendships I had built with executive management in my previous role were so strong, why would I not want to work with them again?”


A passion for people


Jessica found her way to recruitment by chance. She began her early career in employment services for people with disability. An old colleague made a recommendation that changed her career trajectory.

“She had moved to a recruitment company and knew how I worked. She knew I had a passion for the business and the people; finding the right people. In employment services I was very concerned with sifting through applications to find the right person for the job, and that’s exactly what recruitment is. She suggested I join her new company, and I did.”

Jessica says her role in employment services and work with candidates promoted a sense of self-satisfaction. She finds that recruitment has the same effect.

“I get the same feel-good experience from recruitment. I connect with the client and am privileged to see the client on a journey hiring the staff they need.”

As Recruitment Consultant, Jessica will focus on recruiting in the customer service, office support and sales sectors. She says Monica Clare Recruitment is key to her career.

“The moment I walked into Monica Clare Recruitment, I knew I wanted to forge a career here. I would like to see myself grow this desk and continue to develop my reputation in the market while progressing through the ranks.”


You can reach out directly to Jessica Collinson on 0447 313 525 or [email protected]