Monica Clare welcomes Alison Slater

Alison Slater

Monica Clare welcomes Alison Slater

Monica Clare Recruitment is excited to welcome Alison Slater to the team. Alison brings fresh eyes to her role as Recruitment Consultant, having previously worked as Operations Manager for a developer and entrepreneur in Sydney. She also performed as a professional dancer for 10 years.

Following the birth of her second child, Alison sought a lifestyle change and settled in Lake Macquarie in late 2019. Her first touchpoint with Monica Clare Recruitment was as a candidate.


Fresh eyes, fresh perspective


“I reached out to Clare in the hope she would help me find a role similar to my last in operations management. About five minutes into our Zoom call, Clare asked if I would be open to recruitment.”

“Just speaking to Clare, I knew I liked her, and I could tell the culture of the place [Monica Clare Recruitment] was somewhere I would enjoy working. She told me that recruitment is something you fall into and not something you choose. I thought, that’s so true, because I have fallen into every position since dance.”

Alison considered what she hoped for her career and settled on two non-negotiables for her next position: challenge and culture.

“I thought what a good time for a challenge and something fun with a great team environment. At the end of the day, the reason I stayed so long at my last role was because I liked my boss and the family environment.”

“For me it’s about the place I work at; I think I can pick up everything, so why not this.”


“It’s a relationship-building role”


Alison will be recruiting in the Technology and Marketing space. On her hopes for her recruitment career over the coming 12 months, Alison says she will be focusing on networking.

“I don’t see recruitment as a sales role. It’s a relationship-building role, and that’s something I’ve done for years.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the area. This is the area my family is going to live for the rest of our lives and where my future children are going to grow up, so I want to firmly embed myself as part of the community.”


You can reach out directly to Alison Slater on 0448 431 486 or [email protected]