Newcastle job market update, March 2021

Newcastle job market update, March 2021

With March behind us, it’s time we take a look at the figures to see how the Newcastle job market is faring.


Newcastle job market by industry


At Monica Clare Recruitment we monitor the Newcastle job market using business intelligence product, PowerAdder. Open jobs, position characteristics and close rates form part of our quantitative reporting. Qualitatively, we measure candidate sentiment, the perceived value of work benefits and the priority placed on position criteria.


Office Support


From February to March, we saw growth in the office support and administration market totalling almost 10%. The market growth was only in permanent positions, and there was an overall reduction in listings for contract, temporary and part-time openings.

Permanent positions being in-demand is part of a wider market trend. Over the last six months we tracked:

    • Market increase of 48%.
    • Permanent opportunities saw a 56% increase.
    • Temporary and part-time vacancies increased by 5%.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Practice Manager
    • Administration Officer
    • Administration Assistant


Office support remains a candidate-heavy market and applicants have strong negotiating power. The deciding factor for many candidates is simply salary.



Compared to last month, we’ve seen an increase in permanent jobs being advertised in this sector, however, there has been a sharp drop in listed part-time roles. For the month of March, there were no advertised part-time positions available in the Newcastle job market in the tech space. From March to February, job listings in this sector shrunk by 7.4%.

This follows the trends we’ve tracked over the last six months:

    • There has been a 47% decrease in available temporary, contract and part-time positions.
    • Permanent positions have increased by 11%.
    • Total job growth in this market is less than 1%.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • ICT Support Tech (Level 1)
    • ICT Support Tech (Level 2)


Flexibility remains the most valued work perk for candidates. This is most often expressed through a desire for the option to work from home or work flexible hours.



Total job listings from February to March remained unchanged. The division of jobs, however, shifted with a significant increase to listed permanent positions.

Over the last six months, we can report:

    • A significant market increase of 59%.
    • A strong swing to permanent listings, with an increase of 71%.
    • 5% increase to temporary and part-time opportunities.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Creative Director
    • Content Creator
    • Digital Marketing Manager


Candidates strongly value a work-from-home and office mix. Marketers enjoy remote work, but still value contact with colleagues in the office.



The HR job market had an interesting month. From February to March, total job listings dropped significantly by 18.6%. This reduction was shared almost evenly between permanent, part-time and contract/temporary positions.

HR remains the outlier where there has not been as strong of a swing from temporary to permanent positions. Over the last six months:

    • There was an overall market increase of 21%.
    • Permanent opportunities increased by 20%.
    • Temporary and part-time listings saw an increase of 12%.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Internal Recruiter
    • HR Officer
    • HR Assistant


Candidates in this sector value the content of the role; it must be interesting, challenging and provide an opportunity to be involved in projects instead of BAU.



Job listings in engineering enjoyed positive growth from February to March at 9.3%. This was enjoyed across all job types: part-time, permanent and contract/temporary.

Changes over the last six months include:

    • Market increase by 41%.
    • 48% increase in permanent positions listed.
    • 18% increase to temporary and part-time positions.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Mechanical Draftsperson
    • Structural Engineer
    • Ecologist


Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the most important factor for candidates when considering a new role. The main factors within EVP being sustainability and workflow.



Change to the construction Newcastle job market was slight between February and March. Listings decreased by 2% and the reductions followed a similar pattern to last month, with permanent positions being the primary offering followed by temporary/contract roles.

In the last six months we can report:

    • Overall market growth, with job listings increasing by 18%.
    • Permanent opportunities increased by 16%.
    • Temporary and part-time listings increased by 33%.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Project Engineer
    • Estimator
    • Contracts Administrator


In this sector, local companies with local projects and a solid pipeline are a key priority. Candidates want to be close to home and limit excessive travel.



The accounting job market remained unchanged between February and March. There was, however, a significant increase to permanent vacancies at 9%.

Trends in the last six months include:

    • The job market has increased by 36%.
    • Permanent positions have increased by 46%.
    • Temporary and part-time vacancies have increased by 5%.


The most placed job titles in this sector include:

    • Accounts Payable Officer
    • Financial Reporting & Control Manager
    • Bookkeeper


There wasn’t a clear stand-out work perk valued by candidates. Instead, there were three priorities shared across the board: a location close to home, work flesibility and a good team culture

Australian job market


According to the ABS, between November 2020 and February 2021 there has been an increase of 13.7% in job vacancies nationwide.

By industry:

    • Construction increased by 26.7%.
    • Technology increased by 3.8%.
    • Administration increased by 28.6%.
    • Financial and insurance services increased by 14.7%.


Methodology differences make drawing any conclusions difficult, but relative to the data, the Newcastle job market is following nationwide trends.


If you’d like us to include additional data in our next report, reach out to a  team member, call the office (02) 4967 5236 or email [email protected] to let us know.