Now is the time to up-skill ’cause the Devil makes work for idle hands

Now is the time to up-skill ’cause the Devil makes work for idle hands

Right now some of us are facing lower workloads, so time is on our hands. And you know what they say? The devil finds work for idle hands. Hence, now is the time to up-skill!

Consider complimentary skills

What are the skills you rely on others for, or with you had, that may not sit inside your day-to-day. For example, if you are a Digital Marketer, perhaps learn how to read the books and make better critiques by having a better understanding of finances. Or, are you a public practice Accountant looking for better client engagement? Then perhaps a copy-writing short-course could provide some great tips on generating good and interesting content. Writing courses these days also aim to increase SEO performance – helping reachability whilst at it. Or have you considered learning more about recruitment best-practice? The interesting Digital Fitness app provides holistic advice based on your current skill-set as to what areas you may want to tackle, and sets goals on how to progress that growth.

Search for what you may want to learn

Along with TAFE NSW providing some great free options in short-courses, there are also a number of other channels where cheap courses are available. Surprisingly, Groupon has a bunch that are cheap enough to try out. Regarding all things digital, check out established online providers like the industry-reputable General Assembly. But a good ol’ Google search for free online courses should yield results. There are also great local providers, like Atwea College, who provider accessible learning for all walks of life. The cover extremely broad both areas covering skills training as well as learning for fun.

Sharks circle when they smell blood in the water

Even if an online course is free or cheap, it’s important that it offers quality learning. Whilst you may have more time on your hands, it’s important to not let that time be wasted. An increase in online learning providers means there will inevitably be some less professional than others. Sharks (unprofessional “entrepreneurs”) circle when they smell blood (money) in the water. By typing “review” following the provider name in Google should yield some discussion, opinion and experience with the provider on their quality/value/style. So take the time to research the courses, providers, and ease of delivery of the online courses.

Got money – get accreditation

If you have money to spend, then accredited courses through most universities across Australia are available for flexible registration and completion. Completing a Graduate Diploma will certainly make a difference to your resume, as well as adding a deep understanding of whatever field you decide to study. Universities and their post-graduate courses truly have been at the forefront of online delivery development. This is due to the large number of post-grad unable to attend classes due to work commitments.

Have fun

You don’t need any additional stress, so ensure that whatever you are looking at studying fits with your schedule. Feel appropriately challenged by new information, and enjoy the information you are learning. Get comfortable, lock in, and commit… get started… apply… do it… now is the time to up-skill… now!


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