Recipes we’ve loved in lockdown

Recipes we've loved in lockdown

Recipes we’ve loved in lockdown

With more time at home, there’s more time to cook. Sometimes, more elaborate, ambitious meals. Other times, the quick, tried and tested.

During lockdown, the team at Monica Clare Recruitment—alongside most of the country—have embraced this lockdown pastime. Here are some recipes we’ve loved in lockdown. Bonus points if you can pair each recipe with their chef!


Recipes we’ve loved in lockdown: Savoury




  • Swedish MeatballsWith IKEA shutdown, we’re thankful Carla is in the know. Here’s how you can recreate possibly the best walk-through IKEA treat. Well, right next to DAIM.







Recipes we’ve loved in lockdown: Sweet



  • Cadbury Chocolate CracklesCrowd-pleaser for a special lockdown birthday (for Deanna’s Mr Five). Better yet, it’s super simple. When you’re working from home with children, we’ve found simple is good.



  • Healthy Caramel Slice (Vegan)If you’re big on chocolate but want to satisfy the sweet tooth without landing on unhealthy foods, this is the one.


  • Fresh Fruit FlanBecause cake with candles on a Wednesday is always a good idea in lockdown. Better yet if the cake is only for two.



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