Reconnecting during COVID-19, old school style

Reconnecting during COVID-19

Reconnecting during COVID-19, old school style

Isolation has brought about change to just about every aspect of our life. Reconnecting during COVID-19, old-school style, has offered us an opportunity to hark back to warmer connection, challenge the norms of pre-Corona social isolation we were unconsciously enjoying.

Calling your parents. Checking in on friends and neighbours to see if they are OK or need anything. Spending time with the family – letting imagination and play dictate the day. Walking the dog. Taking a bike ride. Appreciating human interactions. Sharing ideas over conversation. Writing letters. Being creative with musical instruments or a paint brush. These are things we are reconnecting with as a consequence of being restricted to spending more time at home. As a result, it almost feels like a hark back to times past.

While we embrace technology like never before to facilitate working remotely, it has also forced us to appreciate and remember the value of old-school reconnecting.


“She loved the connection…”


I think I was well trained and prepared for this. I spent my high school years in a Sydney boarding school, away from all my family, and under guard to not leave the dorm… so I was ready.

I remember how twice a week I would run back from class knowing that when I got to my room, I’d have mail waiting for me. Like clockwork, every Tuesday and Thursday I would have a letter from my Nan. It wasn’t the content I would be excited by (I didn’t really care that her dog was sick on the carpet in “the good room” or if her neighbour’s daughter is visiting from Brisbane this weekend). It was two things:

1. the novelty of receiving mail; and,

2. feeling connected to family, to someone who cared about me enough to take some time from their day to check-in and let me know they were thinking of me.

Likewise, I don’t think Nan particularly cared that Trace and Stace were bitchy to me today, or that we had dry silverside AGAIN. She loved the connection, and my enthusiasm in response.


“Mum, has the postie come yet?”


Working at home with two pre-school aged kids is nuts. To keep their minds busy, to keep them feeling connected to their friends they miss dearly, we brought back a bit of old-fashioned, and started painting pictures for their friends each and every day. Their friends reciprocate. And, we post them, old-school, or pop them in the mailbox ourselves, each and every day. It’s the most exciting time of the day for both little menaces, and it’s heartwarming to see their glee when the mail arrives with 5 new pictures from their friends. “Mum, has the postie come yet? MUM?!?!”

What started as distraction provided a kind reminder of the importance and excitement in connection and creativity. So how are you reconnecting during COVID-19? Old-school style?

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