Steve Pokrajac is all things Information Technology recruitment

Steve Pokrajac is all things Information Technology recruitment

As a recruitment agency our own recruitment is always interesting – as we have to take our own advice! We strive to hire on industry skills, as well as culture fit. Which is why we are so excited to introduce Steve Pokrajac, our newest team member.

At Monica Clare Recruitment, Steve will be directly working with candidates and our specialist team to help resource jobs in the IT sector and get people one step closer to their dream job.

As well as being our IT Consultant, we can also rely on Steve to keep the team up to date with all the latest trends and news in technology; a passion he holds close to his heart.

With a background of over six years as a Senior Technician for Apple, Steve has a deep passion for new technologies and is eager to bring that knowledge and experience into his I.T recruiting role.

Having recalled his experience at Apple as amazing, the thing he loved most about the company were the core values that made the company so successful.

As soon as he walked through the doors at Monica Clare Recruitment, Steve saw this approach had been mirrored and knew he was in the right place.

“What I was surprised to find when walking into the offices here at Monica Clare is what’s painted so beautifully on the walls, and that is their own company values. Reading this with a smile on my face and that feeling of reassurance in my heart, I knew I was about to start working with a special team that hold the same strong values.”

Since starting in April, Steve has quickly become an integral member of the team. Having never previously worked in recruitment, Steve has proven that at the end of the day passion for what you do and the people you work with can take you just as far.

“For a company that interviews and hires people for a living, it was a little intimidating to go through the process, but the team made me feel really comfortable,” Steve said.

“I can’t wait to continue at Monica Clare, at the forefront of IT recruitment into the next decade.”


Steve Pokrajac

Recruitment Consultant


In his spare time, Steve is most likely behind the microphone, using his “gift for the gab” with his mate and brother to talk about the “controversial” topics of the 21st century with a punch of comedy on his podcast. You can listen to it HERE.

Steve also loves to get in and amongst the Newcastle music scene. You may have even heard him on stage playing at a festival around the country with his band ­IVY, or at a local gig enjoying some of the local talent.

We are super happy to have Steve on board and cannot wait for you to meet him too. If you’re currently trying to find a job in IT get in touch with our team today and we will introduce you to our latest addition.