The rewarding opportunities of recruitment

The rewarding opportunities of recruitment

Craig’s experience with Monica Clare Recruitment

Like a recruitment agency should, we deliver rewarding opportunities in ways a job search engine cannot:

  • A personalised approach,
  • Pre-built networks, and
  • Specialist industry knowledge.

So often, it’s these skills that help us see opportunities – some of which candidates and clients may not have considered. This was the case with Craig Allen. That’s why we’re delighted to share his glowing testimonial. Read on to learn about his experience making a career move with us.

Finding opportunities that others don’t see

Part of our job—and the benefit of having such exhaustive networks—is having our finger on the pulse when it comes to industry, job and salary shifts. Meaning our team can judge upturns, downturns and gaps in the market to identify windows for career progression. We can even identify rewarding opportunities for lateral moves such as taking a position in a new industry or different part of a business.

Having worked in mining with a decent salary and a sound understanding of the challenges that come with the industry, Craig had never thought of other areas to grow professionally.

“I was completely satisfied within my own comfort zone and not in the mindset to pursue any challenges professionally at all”, Craig said.

“Until someone shows you an alternative, you can go for years without seeing what other opportunities may be available.”

Ty Brennock, our Senior Recruitment Consultant and Marketing, Communications and Human Resources expert, reached out to Craig and connected him with a job that fit his expertise perfectly. From an operational role on the field to a classroom environment, this job would take Craig down a new path while allowing him to use his knowledge to train others.

We made finding the right job easy for Craig

“I found Ty to be very approachable from the outset. He was understanding of my position”, Craig said.

“Ty’s efforts and groundwork allowed me to make a decision based on quality and relevant information. And, with his support, I was nominated for an interview with the training team at Modular Mining Systems.”

“When everything appears to be going your way, timing grows to be a real factor when it comes to decision making. Ty and the team from Monica Clare Recruitment showed great understanding whilst working with me during this entire process. So, after discussions with Ty and the team, I happily accepted the role. I am now working as a Training Specialist with Modular.”

“I’m so thankful to Ty for his efforts. And I highly recommend Monica Clare Recruitment for anyone looking for opportunities to change.”

It’s results like this that make our job rewarding for all involved.

We are so glad to hear Craig is now in a position he loves. Because it means a lot to us that he has a new invigoration for his work, able to apply his knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Are you feeling completely satisfied in your current role?

Or are you open to exploring other rewarding opportunities that could complement your career growth?

Get in touch with our team today and we will walk you through your options.